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Girls State 2018

Empowered, informed and appreciative is how the students left the American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls State week last summer. M. Butler, B. Grimm, S. Slater and C. Taylor spoke at the American Legion meeting about their week at Longwood University. Running for offices in their different cities or in the Girls State government provided them with insights into the workings of government, being part of city councils and preparing budgets. Guest speakers were the highlight of the week as they provided more information on our government and Virginia. They joined clubs such as women in law enforcement, bible study or car repair. The diverse student body gave them new appreciation for what a great state Virginia is. Funding for this program is provided by the American Legion Auxiliary of Post 215.

ALA member Jenna Nelson, Morgan Butler, Breanna Grimm, Savannah Slater and Chantel Taylor with their certificates from 2018.


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