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Goochland students reached out to soldiers stationed around the world. Randolph Elementary students wrote cards for the soldiers deployed to Camp Humphrey South Korea. The Army battalion deployed last June and will be stationed there through next year, far from family and friends. The cards and letters were care of Sargent Mike who had this to say:

"We have a stack in our waiting area that people love to read. I am most appreciative of Lila who wrote 'While you were out serving our country, hopefully your family/friends are doing very well.' Made me smile knowing she's empathetic to us missing our loved ones. I also enjoyed the nameless individual who wrote 'let's cut to the chase, I dream about being a veteran' and goes on to say that their parents don't approve but believes they would be very good at it. It pumped me up and is one of the ones I have in my office for people to read. Some of the letters hit close to home with the mothers in our formation that are missing their little ones. Similar writing styles and forward-thinking thoughts. We all enjoyed reading through them. Also used them to bring some veterans day spirit to the area."

Many thanks to Principal Mrs. Reams, Librarian Susan Vaughn for organizing this and the 3rd grade teachers Ms. Dinger and Ms. Martin for getting their classes involved. Such a simple project that has touched so many lives.


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